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Recital Checklist

**Please respect school property and keep dressing areas clean!!

o Sun. June 9th – Arrive no later than  12:45 pm.   All dancers report backstage @ 1:30pm for warm-up.

o Dancers are not allowed to watch in the Auditorium unless there are seats available.  Please wait until an intermission to enter the auditorium. All dancers must bebackstage at least  3 #’s before they are to go on.

o Absolutely no costumes or Tap shoes allowed in the auditorium or in the halls.

o Bring something to do while waiting to perform.  Stay Quiet and out of sight while waiting Backstage.

o Complete Hair & Make-Up attire.

o Tie Shoe Strings in Double Knots.

o Tuck all Shoe Strings in.

o Secure all Costume & Head Pieces.

o Put your Name on all Costume Parts.

o No Underwear under Costumes.

o No Jewelry or Colored Nail Polish

o No Gum Chewing .

o Bring Ice, Drinks, Fans, Etc. (Stay Cool)

o Backstage Parents are needed for each class.  They are responsible for making sure the class stays quiet and is backstage on time.

o General Packing List:  Costumes, Tights, Shoes, Make-up, Accessories, Sewing kit, Scissors, Safety Pins, Hair supplies, Water, Snacks


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